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How would you like to show your Ski Rex Media fandom just about anywhere and customize your gear all at the same time? It's pretty easy to do when you have a set of Ski Rex Media logo stickers! Check it out, you can put the logo on anything that a sticker will stick to. Add this to your cart to get a pack of 5, which will be sent to you free of charge. I mean, since these won't cost you anything, maybe take a look at the rest of the shop and purchase something that will?

These are vinyl stickers that can take a little bit of a beating outside, so they'll work well on your skis, your snowboard, your car, or anything outside. Also, they work just as well stuck to your computer, your fridge, and other places like that.

Enjoy them, slap them responsibly, and don't forget to tag Ski Rex Media if you post a picture of your stickers on social media. You can also use #SRMWalkingBillboard. Thank you!